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Lip filler

Lip fillers create stunning definition, improve volume and give your lips a desirable look that enhances your natural beauty. 

chin filler

A well-defined chin can also help add definition and balance to the other facial features. Chin fills can add more width, length or a more angular, shaped chin.

jawline filler

Jawline fillers can help redefine and contour a sagging or undefined jawline by restoring volume. In men, jawline fillers can be used to give a more masculine jawline.

cheek filler

Cheek fillers will allow you to better define your cheek bones as well as giving you a a revitalised look and feel. Improving the overall definition and volume of your cheeks.

deluxe dermaplane

Dermaplaning is an age-old skin resurfacing technique, used to remove unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells for a more dramatic result.

liquid rhinoplasty

Our non surgical liquid rhinoplasty temporarily alters the profile of your nose to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

tear trough

Tear Trough fillers improve overall fullness of the eye area and significantly reduce dark circles, leaving our clients with a fresh, rejuvenated look.

led light therapy

LED light therapy is a painless, non-invasive skin treatment whereby a person’s face is exposed to an array of LED lights in order to regenerate cells, reduce acne and increase skin rejuvenation.


PDO threads tighten and lift the skin, producing fantastic anti-ageing results for 2-3 years!


Botox smoothes out and prevents wrinkles and fine lines, creating a beautiful youthful appearance.

fat dissolving injections (mesotherapy)

Aqualyx is a powerful fat dissolving treatment, fantastic for targeting stubborn areas of fat!

Vitamin B12 injections

Vitamin B12 injections are a quick intramuscular injection clinically proven to provide a number of wonderful benefits . A fantastic option for anyone who feels they may benefit from the natural immunity, enhanced mood and energy levels Vitamin B12 produces!


Profhilo is an incredible anti-ageing treatment using Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin. Extremely effective on skin losing elasticity and firmness.


Microneedling is a fantastic treatment that stimulates collagen production by moving a pen containing lots of very small needles over the face.

Hip & buttock Enchancement

Create smoother hips, more voluptuous buttocks and a more proportional lower body with our fantastic hip and buttock fillers

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